Friday, February 19, 2010

The Snow Witch (Sims 2 machinima)

A Japanese ghost story adapted from Hearn's "Yuki-Onna"(Kwaidan). Two woodcutters, an old man and his young apprentice, Minokichi get trapped in a snowstorm in the forest and take refuge in a hut. That night, Minokichi is forced to make a bargain that will later be forgotten.

Filmed and edited by Michelle. Sets designed & built by Michelle & Kheri.
Huge thanks to gToon for the audio production, Simon Taylor the narrator and additional sound design by Overman. The music is by Tilopa (album Out of the Blue) and is available from . Special thanks to all the custom content creators! (Filmed entirely in the Sims 2, October 2006)

Winner of Best Story at the European Machinima Festival '07.

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