Sunday, February 14, 2010


I met myself on Chatroulette, strangely we did not strike up a conversation.

I just spent some time on Chatroulette, a new website that uses webcams to connect you to random strangers all over the world. I approached it as a performative medium. I played didgeridoo, played jaw harp, danced and pulled faces. As a summary:

* There were 16500 people online.

* Jammed with a beat boxer, a DJ and someone with a doumbek.

* Played music to a lot of surprised people (I played didgeridoo)

* Saw way too many men masturbating...what is it about video cams and men getting their pants off?

* Chatted to a maybe 5 or 6 cool people.

* Someone said I was the guy from Shameless (I looked at the cast from Shameless...this is not a good thing)
The application has the feeling of being in High school again if all the teachers were somehow absent and you could at last run through the halls naked. Not surprisingly it was devised by a 17 year old. However it has possibilities. I played didgeridoo for a while tonight, and got positive reactions from almost all the people who watched and listened. A global performance from my own humble home.

My advice; lighting is important and use your talents to broadcast yourself.


Ben said...

"I met myself on Chatroulette, strangely we did not strike up a conversation."

Funniest line of the day. :-)

Happy Birthday James!

((((((((ö)))))))) said...

Thanks Ben...I had a great day.