Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recomended Media for an Autumnal Garden

Back at work. Teaching, thesis writing as much as I can (250 words today, 200 yesterday and 800 on Tuesday, cannot remember Monday). Now using a MacBook and oooooohhhh is it good. Not much else to say. Here is some wonders I have collided with on the net in recent times....Shine On!

Teen Trash: The First Punk Era and More Wild Things
Mp3s, videos and lots of text in Portuguese. 50's punk, 60's punk, 70's punk, 80's punk... Raw Power! Numa orelha toca Back From The Grave e na outra Killed By Death

Artist and performer Benedict Drew has taken to the airwaves with an 8 part radio show that explores the frayed edge between radio art and research and the blurred lines between sound works and improvised music. Originally broadcast on Resonance FM, the series is now available to check out online here. Expect a myriad of gamelans, balloons, windy beaches and sirens.

Samuel Beckett ‘How It Is’ read by Patrick Magee
Duration: 5:05
One-sided 7” single released by J&B Recordings (possibly 1972)
Patrick Magee (1922-1982) recorded several Beckett plays for the BBC in 1957, but this excerpt isn’t included in the 4-CD set of the complete series. I guess this was rather recorded at the time of the Krapp’s Last Tape BBC sessions, 1972, a play Beckett wrote specifically for him and his voice. This single was possibly a gift from Beckett’s publisher John Calder to his readers. During a public reading from ‘How It Is’, possibly during radio show, Magee transforms the chosen page into a study in panting, a race against his own breath.

Small World Summer Festival

Brilliant blog by wandering musician. Mp3s for download by many ragged folk at this small festival in the UK.

Small World started on Thursday, but Sven and his girlfriend Katrijn were over from Gent, so I didn't set off until Friday. We'd played a bit of music during their visit, Sven and I working out a few things for the Wednesday eve open mic at The Smack in Whitstable - Duke Ellington's "Caravan" (with vocals), Bob Marley's "Lick Samba" (as an instrumental) and a Morrocan chaabi style song Sven wrote, called "Fatimah". We got squeezed in at the end of that open mic, and only got to do "Fatimah", but it was a powerful few minutes. I didn't get a chance to record this, so made sure to have the MiniDisc recorder at the ready when we had our last fireside jam on his last evening. "Fatimah" got recorded...

Marcabo. Never Again
This is a killer. An electronic project from Latvia founded in 2006. Get it...that's all I can say.

The University of Utah has this insane idea to record all non-human areas of the American West. There are hundreds of wildlife/ambient recordings up so far. Read all about it.
Right now I'm in the Alaskan Arctic tundra (Brrrr!). At least, for 11 minutes. Some of the ambient soundscapes last for over an hour. It makes for addictive listening, and from both a scientific and aesthetic viewpoint, it's absolutely crucial.

Free Albums Galore :: Children of the Drone - nine albums

Children of The Drone is an Exeter based musical collective of musicians devoted to totally improvised music. They have placed almost all of their sessions on the internet. Their music is pretty much unclassifiable, using all sort of instruments, traditional and modern acoustic, while borrowing from all genres. If I had to classify the music I could throw around terms like ambient, psychedelic, and psych-folk but this is the kind of music that is best listened to with no expectations. It does tend to get under your skin. There are seven compilations of sessions to choose from simply numbered one to seven. The lower numbered albums are the earlier ones. You can also download a collection of even earlier attempts at improvisations called Opthalmologist Frogspawn and a set of dub based improvisations titled Sort-Of-In-Dub. Any of them make for adventurous listening.

Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra
Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra is an ‘open source', improvised and highly integrated sonic environment, created by musicians, artists and programmers Andrey Smirnov, Lubov Pchelkina, Viktor Chernenko, Alexander Kulagin, Dmitry Savinov, Alexey Petrov, Dmitry Baikov, Dmitry Subochev, Artem Rukovichkin, Alexander Zenko, Eugeny Kuzmin as well as numerous collaborators and occasional partners. It was founded in May, 2006 at the Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory , electroacoustic and interactive music lab.

Maybe I am repeating myself that's it for a little while. Enjoy!!

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Thanks for the link to Unter Radio, an amazing show. And for your kind comment on my blog, of course.