Thursday, September 03, 2009


A small wire emerges from her
It enters me thu the hole in my eye.
I am hollowed by its sharp edges,
Of a presence as arms and torso
Become still and sore with the ache.
Made strong by the time of lasting

Battered hearts are silent in waiting
Bruised minds are seldom moving.
Rather each returns to the scene
Of the accident over and over again.
To pick thru the wreckage that remains
Wild looks, stained notebooks, broken locks.

Men and women of earth,
What is it that makes you so frightened?
Can not the flesh of your bodies feed desire?
And currents of thought answer your questions.
The towers and tunnels will never free you
Stop injury stop action stop hope stop stop

I return to the bedchamber of loneliness
And sleep surrounded by distance.
Each believes the other to be true but,
Changing garments only spreads the odor
Of impasse, where instead calibration seals
All in the steel now filling our cold embrace.

Such savage intimacies as secret names,
Known only to the loved and loving, bleed
Truth to the source of its feeling with me.
So wounded by my own pity which is perhaps
Only hunger, for I have now eaten your food.
Tasted the bitter roots of regret which lack beginning.

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