Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Second Life is Back in My Life

While I continue with thesis research, having just completed two papers for pedagogy courses I needed to finish and working on a paper for an upcoming conference, I am also back in Second Life in a big way. I am working on a major project for HUMlab, which shall be revealed shortly. I also am hosting a seminar this Friday streamed from Second Life on the Virtual Macbeth project by Angela A. Thomas.

The first half of this year has been fairly quiet for me in regards to Second Life. While I have continued following it, I have not spent so much time logged in. This past week I have been inworld a lot more and I have noticed a change in the way it is presented by Linden Lab and the sort of avatars one meets inworld. The hype seems to be over, which is great. Those users I have encountered that remain are more experienced and usually doing something with the program other than just wondering around.

This video summarizes some of the present factors at play in Second Life:

The Drax Files for May 2009: Dareth Denimore is a sociology student at Cambridge University in the UK. He just finished his "cybersex" survey and in the process talked to over 200 avatars about their habits when it comes to relationships and intimacy. Draxtor Despres, fresh back from the first ever virtual journalism summit at WSU in Pullman, WA, profiled this energetic young man.

I hope we are going to see more serious exploration of Second Life as well as more virtual world platforms that feature performability with community and creative functions.

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