Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jumpcut is Finished

Dear Jumpcut user,

After careful consideration, we will be officially closing the site on June 15, 2009. This was a difficult decision to make, but it's part of the ongoing prioritization efforts at Yahoo!

Very soon, we'll be releasing a software utility that will allow you to download the movies you created on Jumpcut to your computer. We'll send instructions to this email address when the download utility is available.

Once you download your movies, you may choose to upload them to another site such as Flickr, which now allows video uploads. You can find out more here:

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being a part of Jumpcut.

The Jumpcut Team

A shame when an inovative site dies. The video sharing and remix site was more innovative than many of the dominant online video sharing sites:

If creating a video and publishing it to the web seems like a challenge, we think you'll find that Jumpcut makes it easy and fun. If you've been wondering what to do with the video you shoot with your snazzy new camera (or your phone), Jumpcut is the perfect place for you to be creative. If video isn't your thing just yet and you just want to make cool slideshows with your pictures, Jumpcut is still the best place.

Finally, a free online location where you can use all your media, create great looking movies and publish to anyone you choose. There's nothing else like it.

Because everything is online, as soon as you sign in to Jumpcut, you'll instantly be part of an online creative community. This means you can look through all of the media that other people have made public and grab anything to use in your own movie. If you choose, you can share any of your stuff with the community as well. If you missed the shot of The Big Moment, chances are, someone else got it, so the more people that join the community and share their stuff, the better it gets for everyone. Think of the fun you could have making a movie with a group of friends, or even a group of people you've never met, but share an interest with. Imagine coming home from a concert and having everyone's footage to make your own music video with! This kind of creative collaboration is unique to Jumpcut.

Most likely, you've seen the big "Remix" button by now. Remixing is another feature unique to Jumpcut. Basically, Remixing is creating your own version of someone else's movie, usually incorporating elements from the original, and adding more content or maybe just some of your own style and spicy goodness. It's an easy way to get started, and you can do it with the click of a button on any published movie. When you click "Remix", we'll pull back the curtain and show you what's behind the scenes. Then you can get busy being creative. Don't worry, you're not destroying someone else's work, you're just making your own copy. And if yours is better than the original, so be it. The community will tell you.

Two Videos I have on Jumpcut:

Virtual Worlds and baile funk.

My Life as Dream as Life

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