Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging Refelections

This blog is over six years old. So I have been blogging for quite a while. In retrospect I have noticed that recently my blogging practices have changed. I have always felt that this blog was my primary web presence; loading it up with everything from family snapshots to lecture notes and lesson plans. Lately this has changed. I currently post on four blogs, this one, a teaching blog called Augmented Reality, my video blog SoulVlog and the blog of HUMlab, where I work, perform, explore and experiment. With this fragmentation of blogging I have noticed that 'what I post and where' has been affected. This blog has taken on more of my personal interests, my observations and argument, critique on events and politics. SoulVlog is just videos, but that has branched out into my main interests; music, art, marginal cultures, travel, philosophy and film. Augmented Reality is pure teaching, I use it to post lesson plans, lecture notes and for presentations. I started Augmented Reality to use in conjuction with the 3D web browser, Exit Reality in a presentation. Since then it has been taking on an increased role in my teaching. HUMlab is a group blog and I do not post as often as I would like to. Presenting work in progress is difficult in a blog context, so I tend to post events, publications and more thought-out things there.

Finally added to my own mini-blogosphere is my Twitter site (I really like Twitter). So-called 'micro-blogging' is totally different to blogging. I use Twitter more as a networking tool, to follow the work and ideas of people who I respect or am interested in. I also use it to post relevant information based on the professional interests of those I follow. In short I think Twitter is a community building medium, but a community of interest rather than participation.

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