Friday, January 23, 2009

sol island media works

This is a beautiful piece of collaged film:

A 16mm and digital video collage composed of found footage, home movies and hand-scratched animations. Originally exhibited as Movement 7 of a seven-movement video-symphony entitled Female Alchemy, this piece addresses the concept of maturity, self-realization and the continuous evolution and elevation of the human spirit. With music by composer Paul Yeon Lee and a brief cameo appearance by beat poet Anne Waldman.

By sol island media works:

Experimental films by artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, hand-made in 16mm using scratch-on-film and paint-on-film techniques (direct filmmaking), damaged cameras, found footage, and digital video effects. These works are exhibited in various forms, as films and/or as visual art or as part of multimedia performance works.

More from the blog (you owe it to your eyes to look at this stuff, it is georgeous)

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