Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live Stream HUMlab Seminar

Tomorrow in HUMlab Dr Julie Tolmie will be presenting a seminar entitled Structural Mapping: Deliberate Topology for Fluid Layers. The seminar is at 13:00 CET (1pm) and from my chat with Julie today I think it will be a very interesting session. All welcome in HUMlab under the UB library at Umeå University.

Dr Julie Tolmie is a member of King's Visualisation Lab at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London, where she represents 3DVisA, the 3D Visualisation in the Arts Network within vizNET, the UK Visualization Support Network. (3DVisA @ vizNET)

Active in the UK visualization community, Julie recently convened an expert workshop, From Abstract Data Mapping to 3D Photorealism: Understanding Emerging Intersections in Visualisation Practices and Techniques (June 2007), funded by the AHRC ICT Methods Network, as a follow up to vizNET 2007.

As usual the seminar will be online streamed live from this link (opens at seminar time).

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