Friday, August 01, 2008

New Look for

If you don't use the online bookmarking and tagging network then this entry will be very boring..... has a new look. On first impressions it seems that the social side of tagging is being emphasized in the new design, with the People tab now making access to the tags of other more prominent. The new Search function seems to actually work on my own bookmarks, which the old one did not, and the wide search works very well.

The bookmarks themselves are now more flexible depending on what you are interested in:

"We've refined our bookmarks layout to be easier to read at a glance. Also, it's now possible to change your view detail, so that you can either get more bookmark information or compact their display with a single click on the Tag Bar. Say goodbye to salmon on blue! The popularity of a bookmark can be determined quickly by the width and shade of the blue box around the save count."

Staying with the social side of bookmarking, now has a "bookmark's save count (the number in the blue box) to see the details page for that URL." My own tags are now ranked, with the top ten in frequency shown in a sidebar and the other (285) behind a drop-down menu. This is the same for tag bundles, which are in alphabetical order and how many tags are within each in the drop-down menu.

Finally there is now something called an 'action box' on my page:

The action box provides you with a list of commonly used actions for the current page. It changes based on what you're doing. So if you're looking at one of your tags, use the action box to create a tag description to remind yourself and others why you used that specific tag. If you're looking at your bookmarks, feel free to create a public profile to share.

I think I am a happier linker.....

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