Thursday, August 28, 2008

Downloads and Media Streams

Tomorrow morning I (and house comrade Erika) have to wake up at 5:30am to catch a plane to Stockholm where we are scheduled to have a meeting with doctors at the Karolinska Hospital to talk about Benyamin's hearing deficit. It is more than a bit likely they are going to tell us he needs cochineal implants in both ears. Not a pleasant thought in terms of the surgery but exciting that it may improve Ben's hearing. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
So, in light of the activities tomorrow I post some links to media I have encountered online in the last weeks. Good night and sweet dreams.

The Plastic People of the Universe: "Ach to státu hanobení " 1976-77
The Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) is a rock band from Prague, Czech Republic. It was the foremost representative of Prague's underground culture (1968-1989). This avant-garde group went against the grain of the Communist regime and due to its non-conformism often suffered serious problems such as arrests.

The Buddha in the World | [Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media]
In an intellectual and personal adventure across India and Europe, Afghanistan and America, Pankaj Mishra, an Indian journalist and author of "An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World," pursued the history and the meaning of the Buddha -- not as a religious figure but as a critical social thinker. He came to doubt some of the most basic assumptions about politics and progress that define the modern world.

Tiago Sousa - The Western Lands

Based on William S. Burrough’s book of the same name, Tiago Souza’s The Western Lands is a sparse but beautiful collection of seven tracks that evokes arid lands and ancient philosophies. Meditative but intellectually engrossing, these tone poems are intriguing pieces of beauty. . Tiago Souza’s main instrument in this work is guitar but it is nicely enhanced with electronics. “Waghas” is a wonderful piece where electronic sounds offer a droning Middle East influenced background as the guitar is played as almost an afterthought. The title track has a similar feel while “The Valley” is a melodic acoustic wonder. But perhaps the most stunning track is the 14 minutes “Centipede’s City” with a gorgeous piano solo in the middle.

John Cage and Alison Knowles (Eds.) Notations - SOMETHING ELSE PRESS, (1969) PDF
In 1968 Knowles designed and co-edited John Cage's Notations a book of visual music scores for the Something Else Press. The book and exhibition with performances will occur at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany (2005). Her Bean Garden (1971), consisted of a large amplified platform covered with beans that were sounded underfoot by visitors to Charlotte Moorman¹s Annual New York Festival of the Avant-Garde.
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Salty Dog Blues and Roots
A twice weekly radio podcast from Melbourne Australia of blues and roots. Nice tunes with a old world DJ. Totally authentic.

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