Thursday, April 03, 2008


Tonight Galleri Kari Cavén (behind Galleri Andersson Sandström), Umedalen Skulptur,
Aktrisgränd 34 Sculpture Park, Umadalen (Take the number 1 bus from the city). McCleod Zicmuse and Moonshake presents Terra-

authored by McCloud ZICMUSE

The TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is an installation which deals with the ideas of nationality, statehood and autonomy within the parameters of today's society.
The goal of the TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is to create, within the space and time of an exposition, a working micro-nation. The artists establish frontiers, create systems of communication, including symbols of the nation, such as a flag, crest, and emblems. The governmental structure of each nation in the TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is determined by the participants in each setting. Included in the project is the creation of local customs, economy, cuisine, and cultural events. These auxiliary items are determined by the agreed upon government, and the other factors determined at the debut of the exposition.

Throughout history, tribes, cities, and nations have adopted visual symbols to express the ideas or icons of the civilization. The TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT explores this issue using the built and natural environment surrounding the exposition space as a starting point. The minimum range of this aspect of the project is the following: a flag and a blason (coat of arms). The application of these symbols depends on the other factors described below

The government of each nation is determined by the participants in the exposition. All forms of government are possible, the goal of the TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is to explore them.

Boundaries establish the area in which a group must work together. They range from a well defined
territory with fences and guards, to a vaguely defined terrain. For the most part, the frontiers are established based on The government chosen for the project and the setting of the exposition.

Economy is another area of the TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT which is largely defined by the government, frontiers and duration of the exposition. The emphasis is always on local trades, and is again inspired by the location. The chosen economy will have the workings of the economy, such as a monetary unit or system of trade and will be expressed in accordance with the symbols chosen for the nation.

Each nation group will explore the possible cultures in the micro nations including: language, traditions, costume, cuisine

The United Temporary Nations is the archive that documents each nation, their structure, symbols, currency, system of government and duration. Each nation is added to the United Temporary Nations at the conclusion of its exposition.

The TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is an artistic and social installation that involves the artists, organisers and viewing public of the exhibition. It increases the perception of and expresses the various forms of human organization. The project works on a number of levels, it is educational, artistic, and fun. TEMPORARY NATIONS PROJECT is a fine addition to the oeuvre of any gallery, cultural centre or museum.

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