Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some musical memories....

I just found an entry on a blog that asked readers to list their "best gigs of all times". While I notice that my 'best gigs' were all quite a while ago, I still remember them as important to me. Of course, there are many other great gigs I went to, many many local bands in small venues in Australia, but these were the big names-famous-people ones that changed my life (and that I can remember):

1. Butthole Surfers, St Georges Hall, Newtown Sydney. 5 March 1991.
2. Janes Addiction, Festival Hall, Brisbane 20 September 1991.
3. Mudhoney, Livid Festival, Brisbane, 12 December 1990.
4. Boredoms (+Phlegm), played twice Metro Theater, Sydney 15 June 1996.
5. Ravi Shankar, St Francis Xavier School, Bombay, India, 26 January 1990.
6. Beasts of Bourbon (last gig with Kim Salmon), Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney 29 January 1993.
7. Einstürzende Neubauten, Metropolis Bar under the Myer Centre in the city, Brisbane. 2  July 1991
8. Nirvana/Violent Femmes, Fisherman's Wharf, Gold Coast, 26 January 1992.
9. Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Mudhoney, Nick Cave, Big Day Out, Sydney, 22 January 1992.
10. Shellac of North America, Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney, 1993.

It wasn't always the music either that made the moment. Some of these concerts were not so good for sound (Nirvana was a disaster - oversold and the band just played and left, no speaking or movement) but the people I was with or the atmosphere of the gig, the time it happened in my life and decisions I made from it (No. 1 is there because it resulted in me moving 1000kms away from my hometown and basing myself in Sydney for 8 years) makes them the best. Some however, like Ravi Shankar or Einstürzende Neubauten were just powerful art.

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