Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Downstreams (the warm waters of revolution)

The first week of the new government in Australia draws to a close and I wish I was there to enjoy it. In today's national Swedish daily Dagen Nyheter a half page story was run on the fact that the lead singer from Midnight Oil is now Australia's Minister for Environment, Heritage and Arts; Peter Garrett. Will it make a difference? We will have to wait and see. I saw Peter Garrett speak in 1990 on the lawn at my university and I remember being very impressed by his intelligence and commitment. To begin this weeks downloads we have an Australian selection:

Australian Screen
australianscreen is a look at the Australian film and television industry, from its earliest days to the present. You can view clips from Australian feature films, documentaries, TV programs, shorts, home movies, newsreels, advertisements, other historical footage, and sponsored films produced over the last 100 years, with curators’ notes and other information about each title. The site currently contains 2,003 clips from 799 film and television titles, and is constantly being added to. You can also visit our education page for educational content provided by The Le@rning Federation. All clips with teachers’ notes are marked by the symbol.

Film Australia Digital Learning
A free, quick and easy-to-use search engine for teachers and educators. The Resource Finder features free for education video clips from Film Australia's remarkable archive - one of the nation's largest and most historically significant collections.
You can view or download these resources by simply choosing to search via curriculum, topic or keyword. No log in required.

The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Pinochet’s coup in Chile. The massacre in Tiananmen Square. The collapse of the Soviet Union. September 11th, 2001. The war on Iraq. The Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Award-winning investigative journalist Naomi Klein brings together all of these world-changing events in her new book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” In her first national broadcast interview since the publication of “The Shock Doctrine,” Klein joins us in our firehouse studio for the hour. Klein writes, “The history of the contemporary free market was written in shocks.” She argues that “Some of the most infamous human rights violations of the past thirty-five years, which have tended to be viewed as sadistic acts carried out by anti-democratic regimes, were in fact either committed with the deliberate intent of terrorizing the public or actively harnessed to prepare the ground for the introduction of radical free-market reforms.” [includes rush transcript]

Lee (mp3)
"This recording is from a cassette recorded by a fellah named Lee. He was, or still is, a mental patient in the state of Nevada. He had a lot of money from an unknown source, and would buy expensive bass guitars from the guitar shop where I was working. I would talk to him and try to get info as to his life and such but he was too shy. Nice guy, mid 40s, 6'2, 170 or so pounds, Hungarian/Slavic features, fairly gray line short hair. Lee spoke very slow with a midwestern accent. I'm guessing Kansas or Nebraska. He always rode a bike everywhere and carried an expensive bass guitar on his back. He said that he wanted to start recording songs that he had written. We all looked at each other like there was no way.
One day in 2001 when I was at work, a co-worker had run over from the large recording studio next door. Breathlessly he said that Lee was next door recording and that I had to go check it out."

This sells for up to $300 for the vinyl original. Here you have an Mp3 downlaod of "One of the original albums on the Silence label, Handgjort play an almost all instrumental acoustic Eastern world music, similar to the Third Ear Band or Aktuala. More underground and primitive though, reminding me of Furekaaben. Years later, Embryo would produce a more professional variation of this sound on “Reise” (the non rock pieces that is).In the Träd Gräs tribal filkish freaky vein."

Jonathan Kane (ex-Swans)
Jonathan Kane's February, "Pops" (mp3, 15 holy megs) - live at Southpaw in Park Slope Brooklyn, April 28 2007 as part of WFMU's Free Music Concert Series. "Pops" being Pops Staples, of course. I also recomend Kane's Myspace site, just to listen to I Looked at the Sun.

Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy
The complete writings of Hakim Bay aka Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Mustafa Ali Bey of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America (MOCA). I brought The Temporary Autonomous Zone T.A.Z in 1991 and it changed my life....nuff said.

De Kift
The soundtrack to my year in Amsterdam in 1998 was De Kift's Krankenhaus (1993) where they took the First World War poetry of Erich Maria Remarque and added the dark brass blues of the lunatic assylum. It is a rich and rewarding disturbance of a record.

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge (a novel)
The first bit of dumb luck came disguised as a public embarrassment for the European Center for Defense against Disease. On July 23, schoolchildren in Algiers claimed that a respiratory epidemic was spreading across the Mediterranean. The claim was based on clever analysis of antibody data from the mass transit systems of Algiers and Naples.
CDD had no immediate comment, but in less than three hours, public-health hobbyists reported similar results in other cities, complete with contagion maps. The epidemic was at least one week old, probably originating in Central Africa, beyond the scope of hobbyist surveillance.

The Kitchen Presents Two Moon July (1986)

Warm Up (July 1985)

Philip Glass "Mad Rush"

Laurie Anderson "Difficult Listening Hour"

David Byrne "Report From L.A."

Dara Birnbaum "Damnation of Faust" (1983)

Kit Fitzgerald & David Sanborn "Olympic Fragments" (1980)

Director: Tom Bowes. Producer: Carlota Schoolman. Camera: Ed Bowes. Lighting Director: Stan Pressner. Sound: Bob Bielecki, Connie Kieltyka. Editing: Tom Bowes, Steve Giuliano. Associate Producers: Robin O?Hara, Mary Perillo. Assistant Director: Matthew Geller. Post Production Facilities: Broadway Video through the Media Alliance. Produced for The Kitchen by Carlota Schoolman. On-Line Program and Sync Sound, Inc.

Lost of strange and interesting things from Russia- music, films and the like.

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