Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Downstreams (heavy manners and deft flows)

This morning I went to work and could not understand why there were so few people around. It turns out today was a holiday. I live in a world of my own. Today I have a treasury of material, the first was inspired by a film I saw last night, Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1991) by John Akomfrah. In presenting his 1991 film Akomfrah revealed that he is working on a documentary on Fela Kuti that will be released in about 10 months. After seeing two of Akomfrah's film I am sure the Fela film will be excellent.

Handsworth Songs 1 hour 3 mins 24 sec.
Directed by John Akomfrah, was the first major film of the Black Audio Film Collective. It explores the origins of the uprisings by black communities in Handsworth, Birmingham in 1985. Its themes are race, memory, ideology and Britain's colonial past.

This documentary recounts the story of how 420 people were arrested on 1 June 1985 on their way to Stonehenge to hold the 11th People's Free Festival. Using video footage, the police radio log, photographs and personal testimony to recreate what became known as the `BATTLE OF THE BEANFIELD'. More on the traveller movement in Britain can be found on Tash' site.

The Mummies of Rome
The Mummies of Rome Experts investigate the mystery of two mummies found in a tomb outside Rome in this Discovery Channel exploration. Though they determine that the men were Roman citizens, no written records from ancient Rome mention the practice of mummification. Follow the scientists as they open the crypt and examine its contents. Attempting to piece together the puzzle, the specialists begin to question whether more mummies are buried under the Eternal City.

Higher Intellect
Higher Intellect is a World Wide Web server hosting a searchable database of over 200,000 text files on a variety of subjects. We also host a server running on the Hotline and KDX protocols featuring a vast collection of antique software, obscure operating systems, and open source software. To connect, simply download a copy of Hotline/KDX and connect to

Forum: Collective Intelligence (1 hour 58 mins) Mp3 27.1MB
A conversation about the theory and practice of collective intelligence, with emphasis on Wikipedia, other instances of aggregated intellectual work and on recent innovative applications in product development for both large and small businesses. Thomas Malone, founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, will anchor the discussion.

Thomas W. Malone is the Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also the founder and director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and author of the book The Future of Work. Malone has published over 75 articles, research papers, and book chapters and is an inventor with 11 patents.

Spooky Sound Effects (Mp3s)
Side 1 is pretty standard horror sounds, but Side 2 is where the magic is found!
"Side 2 of this album is unlike other Halloween sound effect records floating around in that it is all theremin! And get a load of those track titles?!"
Ghouls Glide, Skeleton Dance, Banshee Love Call, The Dracula Drag, Dinner Music For A Monster, Outer Space Sounds, Diesel Slow Frieght, Diesel Fast Passenger, Fog Horn, Siren)

Kelly Mark: I Really Should... (CD) - 2002
Audio, 58 minutes - unlimited edition

This work utilizes text, which I have been playing with since 1996. This text is a stream of consciousness type list of things that “I really should” do such as “pay back my student loan”, “drink more water”, “take more chances”, “clean out the litter box” etc… Originally this took the form of a video monologue, and then later in 1999 it came to the surface again in my work as hand written black magic marker notes on refrigerators (view). Currently I have reincarnated this list, which I have increased to 1000 things “I really should” do, as an audio CD multiple. This latest version can be exhibited in various ways such as a minimalist wall mounted stainless steel sound box, with or without headphones; or simply playing through speakers directly in the gallery. The audio track is a monotone voice (myself) listing off all 1000 things I really should do. This work is clearly humorous and lighthearted in nature. I first began this inane list in order to poke fun at myself and to comment on my increasingly obsessive tendencies. However, this work is not limited to being simply autobiographical in nature. The tendency towards procrastination, whether it involves doing those things we have always wanted to, improving self-perceived character flaws or the mind numbingly repetitive tasks of everyday life, surely this proclivity is universal whatever the personal circumstance.

Dan Wolgers on Imagination and Artistic Practice.23 mins (Video, Swedish)
Machine translation (no time for me to do it and it suits Wolgers as a subject) of wikipedia entry on Wolgers follows:

Pers Daniel Dan Wolgers , born 7 Dec. 1955, is a Swede artist , professor , Fellow of Konstakademien. Nephew to Beppe Wolgers. Dan Wolgers is known for altering a year of Stockholm telehonebook , there he put in his own telephone number , which led to that many named Wolgers were, in the course of time compelled to change telephone number. That telefonkatalog sells today on auction and is found among many things represent on Museum perceive Modern Type in New York. Wolgers is reputed to be one of Sweden foremost living artists , important work from his productions was guiding in an grand exhibtion at Liljevalchs konsthall 2002. In 1993 was getting Dan Wolgers in missions that abet in an inauguration on Liljevalchskonsthall. Dan Wolgers was getting superintendent Philippe Legros condition that borrow a couple of benches , as he sedan sold on auction. Dan Wolgers stayed charged for deceit and was overthrowing in bench. Dan Wolgers stayed judged to pay 2.400kr, but he was matching at the same time on that sell conviction notice for 20.000kr. Wolgers is the only Swede artist to show at the Louve , in the year 2000 was putting his Marcel Duchamp -inspire flasktorkare Wolgers allowance to Absolute Vodka aggressive art series out there.

Brion Gysin POEMS OF POEMS (1958-1960)
Brion Gysin lived an extraordinary life, constantly searching for the hidden. As painter, poet, novelist, inventor, historian, performer and catalyst, Gysin used simple techniques to enchant his works toward revealing unnoticed planes of experience within. Most often an art work would fuse two or more elements from his repertoire of acquired disciplines.

His necessity for experimentation with an overwhelming passion to "free the word" led to the invention of the cut-up method of writing. By treating segmented pages of text as collage material, the new arrangements created limitless possibilities of prose. A second seminal technique pursued by Gysin was of a more focused and elegant nature: the permutation. By taking a single phrase and running through all existing possibilities of order, whole realms of implied meanings became apparent.

Recorded in 1958 at the Beat Hotel, rue Git le Coeur, Paris, on a UHER 4400 reel-to-reel recording machine.

"What to do with this all? Paste it to the wall with some photos and see what it looks like. Wait, paste these two pages together and cut in the middle. Paste it all together, end to end, and send it out like a big piano-roll. After all, it's not but matter. There's nothing sacred about words."

Dreammachine carbon nanotube

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