Saturday, June 09, 2007

Search The Beat

While it got a negative review at Mashable, I have found SearchtheBeat to actually be a good online music and video search engine. By good I mean that it returns results for the lesser known artists. I like the interface design were videos appear in one embedded column that allows for previews and Mp3s in another. I found videos of very small bands that friends of mine are in performing at very small festivals. The Mp3 search is not so detailed (it can't find files that I know are on the internet archive) but this has probably got something to do with the Google presence in the project. All in all a fun tool and one that will hopefully develop.

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raithe said...

Hello Jim, thanks for the positive blog post about I am looking to buy it, and if I do, I would like some honest user contributions on what you would like to see added to it, or changed on it.

You can contact me personally at

I truly do appreciate any feedback.