Thursday, June 07, 2007

RSS to the Rescue

Since I was a teenager I have not liked being told what to do. The fact that it was sensible advice never stopped me from ignoring it and blundering on in my own cloud. Well, I felt a simpatico sensation of such an attitude when I first began using RSS (really simple syndication).It felt like my reading was being directed by my web reader. I am well and truly over that and will like to say; RSS is great (if not essential)!
Here is a guide for those who are yet helped by the RSS wonder: Adam Turner explains syndications and how to organise and get the best out of them. Although Adam fails to mention Feedburner and Bloglines (the ones I use) Newsgator, Google Reader, Gregarius and Netvibes . Here is a more extensive list of RSS.
And here is a video:
RSS in Plain English

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