Friday, March 03, 2006

Video Mind

Over the last two weeks I have been trawling the videosphere on the net. I am diving into Web 2.0 for a short course I am a leader for in HUMlab. Over that time I found some great videos that are streamed online. The other thing is that my selection of what is "good" is obviously a reflection of my own taste. A sign post as to who "I" am and this motivated me to post them here (catagorized thematically, some contain adult themes and images):

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Boredoms (Japanese Noise Gods) 93 Tour and music video
Clann and Drumma Intense Scotish tribal trance music
Hamsa Lila Moroccan trance sounds
Ravi Shankar A brief Introduction to Indian Music
Drumming and dancing in Hawaii
Butoh performance 'Dead Fever'

Beat Films:
Pull My Daisy The supreme beat film, Jack Kerouac spontanously narrates as Allen Ginsbers, Gregory Corso, Larry Rivers and Peter Orlovsky act 'Beat'.
A Thanksgiving Prayer Willaim Burroughs gives us so reasons to be cheerful.
Reefer Madness It's 1936 and the assassin of youth has arrived.

The Outer Limits:
Terrence McKenna and Marc Pesce
The Dervish Project
Tattoo 3

Festivals and Communities:
Rainbow Gathering Utah 2003
SPOR Squatted Art Space A picture of life in a well run creative autonomous zone
147 (and rising) Fims from Burning Man
The Harmony Festival

Art and Spirit:
Le Chein Andalou
Youism: Second Person Singular
Buddhist monks sand mandala ceremony
Mohandas K. Ghandi's Life (14 Episodes)

Future Peak Macworld 06
Making Digital Durable: What Time does to Catagories

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