Saturday, March 18, 2006

Resources for Bilingual English Children

My home is a bilingual one. We speak both Swedish and English. This works for the most part well (there are often misunderstandings but further explanation and patience usually helps). However, here in Sweden media in English is another matter. The local library is pretty well stocked for English children's books but unless you want to expose your kids to the latest mind porridge from the USA on television then finding video and multimedia with English content is not so easy. There is of course the internet. This has saved me as far as finding cool English language content media that my 6 year old enjoys to play with. Some tips for Resources for Bilingual English Children are:

Sesame Street

Dr Suess

Learning with Letters

The ABC Playground

Albino Black Sheep (this one is really an adult site but there is a lot of great content for kids. Just supervise your child's time here as some of the content can be explicit. Our favorite is The Kitty Cat Dance (its a killer).

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