Friday, September 16, 2005

Nice Review on Broken Face

Finally for this morning (three posts in one??) I just read a very pleasing review from the mighty Mats at Broken Face of my own CD and some of my comrades in aural wonderment:

"Nada Baba’s Ambient Time Arm is equally psychedelic but has a more ancient feel to it, which probably has something to do with the ample use of heavily droning didgeridoo, intense percussion and all sorts of exotic instruments. This somewhat traditional (although experimental) and repetitious base structure is placed against a tapestry of spoken word, field recordings and samples. Nice."

For more words on musicyourmindwillloveyou of which I am so humbled to be part of..go go go Australian goldrush part 4:

"once you’ve heard one mymwly release there will be no turning back"
Mats, Broken Face September 2005

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