Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hayles in HUMlab and the world in a moment

This is still some days away but I am very much looking forward to it:

HUMlab Seminar 21/9 13:15-15:00
My Mother Was a Computer
Digital Subjects and Literary Texts

Katherine Hayles, University of California at Los Angeles

Of course there may be a problem with my attending if our baby that was due to arrive today is holding out for full moon (18 September) and arrives the day before....I am living very much in the moment at the moment.

Returning to the academic sphere, we had a literature seminar today which dealt with the activities of various staff and doctoral students over the summer break (conferences, summer schools, workshops). The breadth of the subject areas and developments suggested by what was presented were enormous: from the postcolonial discourse of Robert Young and Homi Baba, the post-nation of diaspora and globalization and the cyborg self of digital textuality. It is clear there are tremendous contemporary movements at work in literature, culture and society around the world.

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