Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blog and texture

I have just gotten home and had a couple of hours to relax having emerged on the far side of an immersive few days. The Technological Texture conference was I feel a great success. To spend two days solid in the presence of so many brilliant people, projects and collaborations has not only inspired me but my head is still spinning and I am exhausted from the concentration and thought provoked. The last few hours were spent listening to Henry Jenkins alone on Comparative Media and Convergence and then in debate/discussion with Espen Aarseth on Digital Games, Culture and what it is Actually all About (my own title) which lasted almost two hours. All the prior speakers were great, each led me into an interesting discourse and chain of ideas from information architecture, "boarders and boundaries" to historicity of technology to philosophy and open source issues. Right now I am so exhausted that it all really won't begin to formulate it all in my mind until tomorrow when I look back over my 20 odd pages of notes.
The other big news is the HUMlab Blog is online and open for readers, although with a few glitches at the moment....nothing serious and it looks great! Signing off tired but very happy :)

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