Monday, December 20, 2004

Ultra-red Public record and other free and thinking things

Public Record is the new internet-based archive of the Ultra-red audio-activist organization. Established for the distribution of work by Ultra-red members and allies, Public Record serves as an interface between the organization and its publics with free fair-use downloads of exclusive full-length albums, images, texts and video.

Artists and aesthetic-political organizations aligned with Public Record include Ultra-red (US), Elliot Perkins (UK), Kanak Attak (DE), Manoa Free University (AT), Terre Thaemlitz (JP), Pet Shop Beuys (CA), Jack Tactic (US), Aeron y Alejandra (SP), Random Inc. (AT), Needle and Sony Mao (US)

It real its here....take a look.

Another site Ive been watching is a loose collective of loose people who make great music if your into stuff that wakes you up and makes you think even though it has few words....and some pictures that are of uncertain subjects....but none the less cool...Victory to the Donuts

Ive also started reading The Anarchist in the Library by Dr. Siva Vaidhyanathan and I quote:

"I won't accept intractability. We have only begun to consider the long term ramifications of these revolutionary technologies and the behaviors they will enable or inspire. If we can energize an open, distibuted, diverse network of thinkers and writers to consider these conflicts in a new way, using fresh vocabulary and models, we can genenerate social, cultural,legal, and technical protocols that will strengthen democracy and inspire trust and confidence. If we fail to generate this conversation, if we continue to let these conflicts work their way through courtrooms and technological incubators, basements and boardrooms, both democracy and stability are in danger" pxvii

I think I'll include that in my research outline.........

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