Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Great Tragedy

This is Karl Nilsson, he is a Swedish child alone in Phuket. He was photographed on a street corner yesterday (Thursday) by an Australian Photo-journalist. The image is linked to the news page it came from if anyone can help.

I felt I had to write something. I am feeling almost sick with sadness after the last two days of what has been unfolding along the coastlines of the Indian Ocean. Not only do I live in Sweden, a country which is missing 1500 of its citizens but my wife is of Indian Origin, my brother in law is Indonesian from Java (safely living in Australia with my sister) and I have been to Thailand twice, the second time working for over a month on an organic farm in the north east where I saw beyond the commercial side of Thailand to the charm of a society based on Buddhist tollerance and kindness to strangers.

So very very sad.

Almost too much to describe...................

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