Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Paris Spleen

The blogging is really getting back into swing now that I am back at my regular activity (half work half play). In all the action of the last two week I have not had time to write of my 8 days in Paris at the end of August. I want a large studio in an old part of Paris!..This is not possible at the moment...but it is a dream. Never before have I witnessed such a city as text experience (perhaps Varanassi in India, where I lived for 4 months once would have been more so if I could have understood so much of the text around me). Everywhere in Paris is a narrative unfolding or well established. Here I have three of the perhaps 400 photos Erika and I took while there:

This was taken in rue Gît-le-Coeur outside what was once known as 'The Beat Hotel' where William S Burroughs put together the text for "Naked Lunch"

This was taken high up near Sacre Le Coeur, in Montmatre.

Actually I tell a lie...this is from my neighbourhood where I live in Sweden...but it just goes to show, text is everywhere. I think this may be St John of the Apocalypse...but who knows?

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