Monday, September 13, 2004

Christoper Marlowe (1564-1593)

Today has been a hectic but satisfying day. Much can be achieved in 12 hours of constant motion and activity.
First was my first Department of Modern Languages staff meeting which began with a welcome to the new doctoral students, of which I am one. My collegues Therese, Stephanie and myself presented activities and possibilites for involvement with HUMlab to those gathered, many of who had been my teachers in the last two years and who have now become more as collegues.
Following this meeting I spent perhaps three hours organising my application for the Kemp Family Memorial Scholarship. I hope to get it....but Im am not at all certain I will.
I then retreated to my room at university for three hours of Renassiance far Sir Thomas Wyatt is my favorite of the lyric verse.
For the last three weeks I have been opening the exquisite treasure trove that is early modern English Literature...what a treasury: Sir Thomas Elyot, Roger Ascham, Shakespeare, Thomas More, Edmund Spenser,Christopher Marlowe (also a major favorite), Henry Howard Earl of Surry. I still have almost four weeks in which I can lose myself in this world...
Of course there isn't an over representation of women in this period of letters. I have also been reading a fanstastic text on gender: Clare Colebrook Gender (Palgrave 2004) I think a must read for literature students, as Juliet Flower MacCannell, Professor Emerita, Comparative Literature, University of California, also believes (see the reviews in the link).
We will be having a seminar on music and technology (including a short performance) in HUMlab this Friday at 12:00 midday by the great American band Black Forest/Black Sea who will also be playing on Thursday 16th September at Sagateatern, 46 Kungsgätan Umeå with Fusaxa, Christiina Carter, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love (including myself) and the debut performance of the fantastic Moon Trotskij (buy the CD it's great). Contact me through this webmail link for tickets (80SEK presold).
I also received a email confirming my membership in ELINOR as the coordinator in Sweden....this is really exciting as there is nothing better if you are really really interested in something than meeting others who are as obsessed as you are. Great days ahead!
The final act of the day was a parent meeting at my son's daycare which was no stress as he likes it and they like him (so do I)......

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