Monday, June 21, 2004

The weekend has drawn to a close and the situation as it stands requires a summary, so here it is (all spelling of Swedish words have been anglicized as the å ä ö don’t show up on non-Svenska keyboards):
To begin with I have been accepted as a Doctoral student at the Department of Modern Languages, Umea University. I have posted this information to the Wallenberg Scholarship fund and there should be some sort of announcement on their website this week. I will be beginning my appointment on the 1st July.
The band I play with, Funk Service International is to play at the Trastock Festival in Skelleftea in July. I have spent most of today in the company of Adil Fadi from Funkservice, recording some heavily Gnaoua influenced music....perhaps next year we shall make it to Essaouira???
Finally here is a taste of my contribution to the Funkservice sound: It is
Sydney City Rain (right click to download the Mp3) a tune devised a year ago to evoke the feeling of walking down Burke Street (or Crown Street) into Taylor Square in the middle of Oxford Street in Sydney, Australia at about 6pm on a Friday evening with a pocket full of cash and the cafes and bars are full with those beginning to party and those finishing the working week and a warm rain has just fallen and the scent of Indian food and aftershave is in the air and you are walking to Central to catch a train up to Newtown to go to see some music at the Dispensary cafe or at the RSL...or perhaps walking to the graduating show at the National Art School in the old Darlinghurst Gaol...or perhaps a cheap laksa in china town, followed by a blurry night at the Bank Hotel in Newtown and the Imperial in Erskineville. Sydney 1992-99 was a great place to live. Enjoy!( I really need to stop thinking about music and do some work on this webdesign summer course!!)

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