Monday, June 28, 2004

I am not working too hard at the moment (well I am cooking and taking care of a child with an infected ear...long story, but I mean not doing to much in relation to university). I am reading Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. I bought it in a local -think Sweden- second hand shop and the shop person said "a book about cancer, how depressing". It is bawdy, funny and at times quite surrealist text. I can understand why it upset so many in 1934 (banned in the United States for 27 years!) as it a graphic account of how desperate people can become for the feeling of connectedness in what first appears as a bohemian potpourri (the Americans in Paris between the wars were really 20 years too late for that) but is actually a stage where people trade and buy their fantasies....or is that capitalism?
I shall be in Paris in August and shall have a memorial pernod for Henry...the old bastard.

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