Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slavoj Žižek and the Ideological Vision of 'They Live' (1988)

 Slavoj Žižek in the new film 'The Perverts Guide to Ideology' explains how our dreams are populated and constructed based on the structural preferences of ideology. He gives the example of the 1988 John Carpenter film 'They Live' (in full below) as how ideology composes our reality and seeing through it can be very painful.

'They Live' is a 1988 American science fiction film written and directed by John Carpenter. It follows a nameless drifter referred to as "Nada", who discovers the ruling class are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast, concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media. The film stars Keith David, Meg Foster and professional wrestler Roddy Piper.

THEY LIVE 日本語字幕 from takanojyou on Vimeo.

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