Sunday, March 17, 2013

Film Showing: Bradley Manning Had Secrets

I will be a speaker at the showing of 'Bradley Manning Had Secrets', a short film that focuses on Bradley Manning, accused whistle blower and political prisoner. I will be making a statement, or perhaps it will be a declaration, anyway I will be speaking in HUMlab X 12:15pm Friday 21st March (Arts Campus) on the notion of private and public within an network information architecture. I suggest coming along!

"Bradley Manning, not as accused for leaking information to Wikileaks, but as a young American soldier, who question his gender identity and simultaneously goes through a crisis of conscience''.

Animated film by Adam Butcher, (7min, 2011, USA). Short interview with the filmmaker will follow.

Lunch Box learning is a series of film screening events at the HUMlab-X, Arts Campus. Just get your lunch box, scrunch in bean bags and enjoy the screening. There will be a coffee as well.

This time held by HUMlab-X, Arts Campus and Campus Royal - student film club at the Umea University.

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