Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keynote presentations from Digital Humanities Australasia 2012

The inaugural conference of the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities was held on 28-30 March 2012 at the Australian National University and the Australian Academy of Science. Convened by Paul Arthur and Katherine Bode, over 250 delegates attended from Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North America, to discuss digital humanities research.

The event was made possible with the major sponsorship of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, and the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences and Research School of Humanities and the Arts. The Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London, provided generous support for workshop and conference presenters and a workshop grant was also received from the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing.

The Australasian Association for Digital Humanities was formed in March 2011 to strengthen the digital humanities research community in the region and to work with other international associations within the field. The professional association acts to support and extend links between digital humanities researchers, improve professional development opportunities and provide international leverage for local projects and initiatives, and is a member of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).

This video is a compilation of three keynote sessions from the conference:

1. Dr Julia Flanders, Brown University, 'Rethinking Collections'
(Chair: Paul Arthur, Australian National University)

2. Professor Alan Liu, University of California, 'Close, Distant and Unexpected Writing'
(Chair: Katherine Bode, Australian National University)

3. 'Panel: Big Digital Humanities?'

Professor Peter Robinson, University of Saskatchewan
Professor Harold Short, King's College London
Professor John Unsworth, Brandeis University
(Chair: Hugh Craig, University of Newcastle)

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