Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Report on Activities

After 12 years of living in Umeå in the north of Sweden I packed up my flat and moved to Stockholm late last month. I do this in order to follow my children who moved here a month ago with their mother to go to new schools. It has been an intense and demanding exercise with help from dear friends. I have most of my stuff in storage while I rent a small room in the south of the city. For the past ten days I have been house sitting a beautiful apartment in a building dating from the 1870s in Kungsholmen, a very pleasant and upmarket part of the city. It has been enjoyable to have this introduction to the city. I am grateful to the friend who made this possible. On the weekend however I will be back in my room and then over the coming month I will be moving again, staying with my mother as she visits and rents a nice apartment in Södermalm.

While all this is going on I need to be finishing my PhD thesis and it is on its way. I am currently working through the final draft with a specialist reader and it is going well. I remain employed in HUMlab and will be returning to Umeå in September for the start of term and some teaching and will be doing so for several occasions over the coming months. I am also working on the Euroversity project, looking at best practice for teaching with virtual worlds by Umeå University and HUMlab over the past few years. But otherwise I am now based in Stockholm and will be not doing much else other than writing for the next six months. Here is to a defence in the Spring!

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Therese said...

Exciting times, Jim - best wishes!