Wednesday, February 08, 2012

DJ Mutamassik "Take The Hit"

I cannot recommend highly enough DJ Mutamassik. This is track #1 from Mutamassik's 2010 LP, "That Which Death Cannot Destroy" The full album is here. This album cannot be bought or sold. All instruments (Cello, Drums, Mazhar, Keyboard, Turntables) & tracks performed, produced & engineered by Mutamassik at G.G.S.S./Rocca AlMileda Studio. 2010 Special guest vox & asst. engineer: Meroe Amade' Memphis Video: G. LOLI

MUTAMASSIK(meaning Stronghold, Tenacity in arabic) is a producer, dj, artist, pioneer of SA'AIDI HARDCORE & BALADI BREAKBEATS. RELENTLESS RHYTHMS FROM THE PAN-AFRABIC IMMIGRANT SOUND SOURCES. AFROASIATIC MOKKASSAR in addition to transcendental sonic experiments. Darq Matter Qubti Funq Punq Demm Baroque Melanqol Met'al Martial SA'AIDI ARABIFIED SWAMP MUSIC FROM THE RUSTBELT+++ Has performed extensively throughout U.S., Africa, Middle East & Europe. Press includes: The Village Voice, The Wire, Le Monde, African Sun Times, New York Times, Bidoun, The Fader, Newsweek (Arabic edition), American Society for Engineering Education, XLR8R, etc. "This is inhuman, brutal, awesome breakcore." Derek Walmsley - The Wire "Mutamassik's pounding Egyptian hip-hop breaks...are serious, sacred, steadfast marching music for the new international breakbeat generation." Ron Nachmann - URB "Dans un melange d', d'electronique et de hip-hop, Mutamassik s'engage dans la reconstruction des . Arabesque, melopees de minarets se croisent dans un magma de sons urbains, structures par d'impressionants alliages rhythmiques." Veronique Mortaigne - Le Monde "Highly regarded post-techno DJ..." - Mtv News " "Before the sounds of the Middle East became de rigueur sampling materials for hip-hop, Mutamassik was exploring ways of fusing various sounds and styles into a compelling, challenging whole, shards a-flying all the while.”

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