Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Whisper Tree (Machinima)

This machinima was made for the Madrid pavilion at the World's Expo Shanghai 2010.
In Second Life, Bryn Oh was given five islands by Linden Labs for this event. Each island is missing something . Island one is missing love, island two energy, island three color, island four sound and island five is missing light. When an avatar whispers to the tree, it grants a wish. The wish is to return that which is missing on each island.

First life curator Cristina Garcia-Lasuen, owner of the Open This End SL group, and also known as Aino Baar in Second Life, convinced the Spanish officials for the World Expo to showcase Second Life machinima and artists.

Artists Bryn Oh, Glyph Graves, Marcus Inkpen, Colemarie Soleil, Soror Nishi, Kazuhiro Aridian and Desdemona Enfield have each contributed their skills in virtual art to help showcase to the world the importance of the Second Life community.

Island One (no love/emotion) - Bryn Oh
Island Two (no energy) - Glyph Graves
Island Three (no color) - Bryn Oh and Soror Nishi
Island Four (no sound) - Marcus Inkpen
Island Five (no light) - Bryn Oh
Whispering Tree - Kazuhiro Aridian

World Expo Shanghai 2010

Music: Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D Major

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