Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Music Events

Dog's Breakfast

Music project with my son. Didgeridoo, Bells, Clap Sticks, Poetry and two Reel to Reel machines. Performed at Eine Kleine Disko 2011 a part of the ljudLYD soundfestival a dynamic art project that welcomes performance, noise, video and intervention with related art forms to create flux in EKD context. The announcement “come together” is the setting that creates the EKD́s coming to be. EKD is a nomadic art project in the sense that it is not a permanent screening, disco or performance festival with preset programs but a kind of cultural jamming journey from which the participants never returns to the starting point. Instead of requesting people to seek for art as experiences, EKD brings experiences as art to the spectator and invites people to meet each other within the original idea of a "party". EKD is a non-profit project and exists on the premises that are offered for taking EKD events from one place to another.

Acid Folk, featuring the Undersea Dancers.

Acid Folk, featuring Elfrida

First gig for a new music project that I think has great potential. Didgeridoo, beats and effects and trumpet.

Live in the park with Muslaban and the Friendly Giant

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