Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Downloadables from a Week that made me Dizzy

I figure if I have to explain much of this week's recommended media (just music and a book really) then you are in the wrong corner of the blog-o-whatever. Here it is. I am tired. Goodnight.

The Primal Eye by Steve Nichols in Medicine & Science (Free PDF)

The PRIMAL EYE gives a complete scientific account of the early evolution of fundamental consciousness. Dreams, R.E.M., waking and hypnotic states are explained mechanistically. This theory is no less than a solution to the 'Hard Problem' in Western Philosophy (aka Descartes' longstanding 'Mind-body Problem'). Many academic philosophical difficulties are immediately cleared up by this revolutionary approach.

Aquarium Drunkard » Tom Waits :: April 27, 1979, Paris France, Palace Theater

Tom Waits :: Heartattack And Vine
Tom Waits :: Till The Money Runs Out
Tom Waits :: Annieís Back In Town
Tom Waits :: I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Tom Waits :: Wrong Side Of The Road
Tom Waits :: Jersey Girl
Tom Waits :: Step Right Up

The Product Bay

Download things you can create with a 3D printer.


The Knife, in collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, are to release the studio version of the opera 'Tomorrow, In A Year', on the 1st March 2010. Free download for all mailing list subscribers

Max Neuhaus Online Archive of Sound and Images

American musician Max Neuhaus (August 9, 1939 – February 3, 2009) was a percussionist and interpreter of contemporary music of the 1960s who moved on to become a pioneer in the field of sound art, a term he rejected but with which he is nonetheless associated. He has created numerous sound works (including sound installations) that have extended sound as an autonomous medium into the domain of contemporary art.

Born in Beaumont, Texas, Neuhaus grew up in Pleasantville, a Westchester-County suburb of New York City. The music of jazz percussionist Gene Krupa inspired Neuhaus to become a drummer. The teenage Neuhaus studied with Krupa for a year before taking up with "Sticks" Evans. In 1957, after finishing high school in Houston, Neuhaus enrolled in the Manhattan School of Music, where he would receive both his bachelors and master's degrees in music. At the Manhattan school, Neuhaus studied jazz percussion with Paul Price. Yet, during his studies, he encountered the work of a group of American experimental composers who had composed music for percussion: Harry Partch, Henry Cowell, Lou Harrison, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Earle Brown, and Christian Wolff. For his graduation recital, Neuhaus decided to perform Karlheinz Stockhausen's Zyklus, a notoriously difficult piece for solo percussion.

Aquarium Drunkard » Bob Dylan :: Yesterday (CBS Studios: Nashville/NYC Outtakes)

As nice as the official ‘bootleg series’ releases have been over the past 10+ years, it’s the unofficial stacks I regularly find myself turning to when looking for an off-kilter Dylan fix. Long available in trading circles (at times known as the Yesterday bootleg) the following two sessions were cut in ‘69 and ‘70 at CBS studios in Nashville and New York City respectively. George Harrison guests on the NYC session, and it would not surprise me if this, or a session like it, were not the impetus for the inclusion of “If Not For You” on his 1970 solo debut All Things Must Pass.

Silver Currant: Fitz Heavy Riff Comp II

The second is an extraordinary mixtape of psychedelic heavy rock from around the globe, compiled by Howlin Rain’s European promoter, John Fitzgerald. “Fitz Killer Riff” is pretty short on familiar names - I recognised Erkin Koray, Coloured Balls, Ike Turner and Tommy James, and discovered through a bit of Googling that the mildly obscene garage Led Zep of Zipper was an early vehicle for Fred Cole of Dead Moon. But I can’t think I’ve heard a better comp this year, certainly not since Chasny sent over his “Golden Years” thing.

"International Psychedelic Podcast"

In 2010 Fitz has also gone live broadcasting his world wide heavy jams in his "International Psychedelic Podcast". These podcasts are amazing!!! If you've ever ridden shotgun in a sprinter van careening at 90 miles per hour through the Swiss Alps in November while Fitz blasts Edip Akbayram and Baris Manco and exclaims with wonder (with both hands off the wheel) how beautiful Selda must have looked on her wedding day on the Bosphorus with the eastern sun shining down on Asia Minor behind her---well, these podcasts are as close as you can come to that particular exhilaration without actually going on tour! So let some Peppermint Tea steep, set out a bowl of Licorice and Pistachios, jam the podcast and you're as good as in the passenger seat. For the Podcast, go to your itunes, click "advanced", select "subscribe to podcast" and paste this URL:

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