Monday, February 09, 2009

Meek Media for the Week

I have been lazy with recommended media on the web this week, due to work and family business. However I wanted to move the previous entry off 'the front page' so I will put up a few choices pieces I have found this week that provide learning and expansion. Speaking of the previous image, I was struck by it when I was watching a news broadcast online. Bald chunky middle aged farang men cowering in a hotel room in Bangkok after a raid by police. These men describe themselves as 'swingers'. I reacted because I am also a man...whatever that means. In this context I figured it means I share being men and in that I felt kind of sorry for them. Not because they were busted, but because they seem to be so desperately grasping on to the illusions of life. With their heads bowed, like in shame or silent prayer I thought of the poem by Steven Jesse Bernstein, No No Man Part One:

Midnight, and the sunglasses twirl. My injuries, a death plant warped in Hollywood rockery of juice cans and hypodermic needles. You're so cool, baby, you don't know what you need. If the jaundice comes up, get out of the traffic. A girl with an ass that hurts me all over again, I know that girl's ass hurts glass and pebbles crunching under her shoes. The movie goes on and the men go inside, hiding their bottles. These men look confused like fish getting clubbed on the pier.

There is no video of No No Man Part One I could find, but there is a video of No No Man Part Two:

"Now it is just what the No No Man wants that is valuable, which is green and covered with fingers." Bernstein was great. When the buying and selling gets too much, I see to return to poetry, music, trees, snow falling, laughing children. But I still feel. Here's some tips:

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Lux and Ivy's Favorites (mp3s)
An interview and then 11 CDs of the favorite music of Lux Interiors and Poison Ivy late of The Cramps. All for download.

U B U W E B - Film & Video: Lev Manovich - Soft Cinema (2004)
"SOFT CINEMA: Navigating the Database is the Soft Cinema projects first DVD published and distributed by The MIT Press (2005). Although the three films presented on the DVD reference the familiar genres of cinema, the process by which they were created and the resulting aesthetics fully belong to the software age. They demonstrate the possibilities of soft(ware) cinema - a 'cinema' in which human subjectivity and the variable choices made by custom software combine to create films that can run infinitely without ever exactly repeating the same image sequences, screen layouts and narratives." Free - Songs: MP3 Downloads
Amazon has hundreds of free music downloads

Magic of JuJu: paging Mr. Dodd....
Seven hours of Coxsone Dodd productions...unbelievable! The Magic of JuJu is no longer active but it still has a lot of great things.

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