Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Downstreams (Ö))) @vant g@rde)

Despite having a busy week (as I pointed out in the previous sleep deprived rave) I seem to have managed to aquire quite a bit of media for the weekly downsteam. I am so glad it is Friday. We are rather avant garde this week. (Wom)Man the barricades and lets begin;

Popper's List: Links
Dozens of online documentary videos from the famous Popper's List. The site seems to be going through some uncertainty at the moment with a recent shift to a new server and then a paid membership plan and now the scrapping of the membership plan and a move again. Nonetheless a great source of informative media on the net.

Muslimgauze Wish of the Flayed (at Fansite::Arabbox v1.0)
Soleilmoon record label that handles most of Muslimgauze recorded material has placed Wish of the Flayed on the fan site Arabbox v1.0 as a free and legal download. This is music from the last year of Bryn Jones' life when the sound has become very percussive and post-industrial.
Time to come out of the old dusty box for an album by Muslimgauze named 'Wish of the Flayed' that has for a long time remained under wraps. Bryn Jones himself gave this album on cassette tape to Steven Wilson (Bass Communion) during their first meeting on the 3rd of june 1996; the album having been recorded the day before. (One day for making a whole album is not so surprising for Muslimgauze..).

UbuWeb Sound :: Tellus #5-6 - Special Audio Visual Issue
TELLUS #5 & #6 Engineered by Gerald Lindahl. TELLUS is a bi-monthly subscription publication of audio art, new music, poetry, and drama. It is for people who are interested in the new, experimental and innovative sounds of the time. In this special issue of #5 and #6, our aim is to publish artists whose ideas are communicated within the audio and visual mediums.
TELLUS offers the public an alternative to established commercial means of distribution for audio material. Our usual format is a 60 minute cassette on which the work of artists are compiled, packaged and distributed.
Editors/Publishers: Claudia Gould, Joseph Nechvatal, Carol Parkinson.,
Contributing Editors: Brad Balfour, Bob Bielecki, Rhys Chatham, Mitch Corber, Bradley Eros, Barbara Ess, Owen Fisher, Kathryn High, Isaac Jackson, Gretchen Langheld, Gerald Lindahl, Kirby Malone, Carlo McCormick, Tom Paine, Verge Piersol, Kiki Smith, Anne Turyn, Tron Von Hollywood.

All Avant-Garde All The Time - UbuWeb Podcast #3: The Sound of Aspen Magazine
Produced by The Poetry Foundation, UbuWeb is pleased to announce the latest in its podcast series, focusing on Ubu's hidden treasures. This podcast gives a guided tour of UbuWeb's collection of audio featured on Aspen Magazine: the Multimedia Magazine in a Box, published between 1965 and 1971. Artists featured include Samuel Beckett, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, John Cale and The Velvet Underground, Marcel Duchamp, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Jackson Mac Low, Morton Feldman, Gordon Mumma and Angus Maclise.

UBUWEB, Aspen: Index (all the audio)
Beckett, Samuel Text for Nothing #8, read by Jack MacGowen
Bill Evans Trio Israel
Bowers, Faubion On Alexander Scrabin: Introduction to Three Preludes
On Alexander Scrabin: Afterword to Three Preludes
On Alexander Scrabin: Introduction to the Tenth Sonata
Burroughs, William Nova Express: "This, gentlemen, is a death dwarf..."
Nova Express: "Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin..."
Cage, John Fontana Mix – Feed, Nov. 6, 1967
Cale, John Loop
Cunningham, Merce Space, Time and Dance
Further Thoughts
Davidovsky, Mario In Memoriam Edgar Varèse
Duchamp, Marcel The Creative Act
Some Texts from A L'Infinitif
Feldman, Morton The King of Denmark
Gabo, Naum The Realistic Manifesto
Hucko, Peanuts and others St. James Infirmary Blues
Huelsenbeck, Richard Four Poems from Phantastiche Gebete
Lennon, John Radio Play
Logue, Christopher New Numbers: "This is the final statement..."
New Numbers: "A policeman is walking..."
New Numbers: "He was a youth from the suburbs..."
MacLow, Jackson The Young Turtle Assymetries
Mumma, Gordon Horn
Ono, Yoko Song for John: Let's Go Flying
Song for John: Snow Is Falling Everywhere
Song for John: Mum's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow
No Bed for Beatle John, with John Lennon
Robbe-Grillet, Alain Jealousy (excerpt)
Scriabin, Alexander Prelude E Major, Op. 11, No. 9
Prelude G Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 13
Prelude D Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 15
Tenth Sonata
Standlee, Elsen and others The Joyous Lake
Tavener, John Three Songs for Surrealists: For Rene Magritte
Three Songs for Surrealists: For Max Ernst
Three Songs for Surrealists: For Salvador Dali
Tree, Christopher Spontaneous Sound
Walker, Peter and others White Wind
Young, La Monte Drift Study 31 1 69

Franklin Furnace Archives
Just discovered the existance of Franklin Furnace this month. While Franklin Furnace describes itself as an archive, this section of the website by no means reflects the depth and content of our physical archives. Rather, it serves as an online resource for those interested in our history, past (and evolving) projects, and old publications. For those interested in accessing Franklin Furnace’s extensive physical archives, which include documentation from all artists involved in our 30 year history.

motel de moka, Londonism II
Memories of inner city living and long weekends of everything.
My vision of London: Pulsing old city. High Ceilings. Dozing. Slumbering. Smoking. Drinking coffee. Cluttered lunch embracing the empty wine bottles on the rug. Fish bones. Thin china salad bowl drowning dying lettuce. Heavy ashtrays dealing with the afternoon shadows. Poles working as building painters spying on us when we shower through a hole in the wall. Afternoon indoors time listening to music. Four or five people around me lying on the floor. Gentle murmurs. Seeing the beautiful grey sky from the window. Bedrock bass booming. Pulse secure. Reggae chords nesting on hip hop beats. Londres sepultada bajo una capa de alquitrán.

Garden Of Delights: Brigitte Fontaine - Comme A La Radio (1970)
MUTANT SOUNDS: Brigitte Fontaine Et Areski- L'incendie,LP (1974)
Two records from Brigitte. Brigitte Fontaine was born in 1939 in Morlaix, Finistère, in the Brittany region of France, and is a singer of avant-garde music. During the course of her career she employed numerous unusual musical styles, melting rock and roll, folk, jazz, spoken word poetry and world rhythms. She collaborated with such celebrated musicians as Stereolab, Michel Colombier, Jean-Claude Vannier, Areski Belkacem, Gotan Project, Sonic Youth, Antoine Duhamel, Archie Shepp and The Art Ensemble of Chicago.

BBC World Service - Documentaries - Fading Traditions
Part One The Moroccan halakis' dying art of story-telling Part Two Will Georgia lose its 7000-year old wine producing tradition? Part Three Temple prostitutes - the clash of ancient and modern culture in India.

MUTANT SOUNDS: Michael O. Shea-st,CD,2001/1982,USA/UK
"Michael O'Shea was an eccentric, maverick world musician. He was a virtuoso of the Mo Cara, a 17-string instrument he invented and built, on which he created hauntingly melodic works combining elements of Celtic and Asian musics. Although primarily a busker, in the early '80s he enjoyed a brief legitimacy, releasing one album and even opening for Ravi Shankar at London's Royal Festival Hall.
O'Shea was born in Northern Ireland in 1947 but grew up in the Irish Republic. Keen to see the world, he joined the British Army at 17. However, military life didn't suit him; he went AWOL for two years and was court-martialed. On release from jail, he moved to London where he gravitated toward the folk scene, mixing with musicians like Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.

Dark Stars in the Dazzling Sky pt.8 at motel de moka
This list takes off where the slow and heavy grooving pieces of the previous instalment left us. Om is definitely one of my favourites within the genre and this track from their latest (and with drummer Chris Hakius leaving this duo, sadly enough, probably also their final) studio album Pilgrimage makes for a perfect bridge from the previous part of this series. But soon after, things get a little different. It’s darker and a lot more unforgiving than the previous one.

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