Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weaning Ben

This weekend we are weaning Benyamin. An intense experience it is. Last night we stayed up most of the night (I after returning from a very pleasant house warming and glogg fest - glogg is the mulled Christmas drink of Sweden - thanks to Patrik and Stephanie).
Weaning is a very significant stage in one's life. I thought a lot about it as Ben (pictured above in happier times) began to get a bit displeased with the change in routine. Weaning is the next step after birth on our way to being a individual, an identity, a self. There seems to be ceremonies in many cultures to mark the end of the weaning of a child and their welcoming into the community. I think we will have a feast when this is over.
For Silas, Ben's older brother, it took about three days of little sleep and constant attention before he started to move on. I hope Ben will be similar. of course Erika (mum) needs to come back as well, to reclaim her body in a way that has been a 24 hour milk bar for the last 14 months. In short; weaning is no fun.

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