Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Eden Falls as "Humans" Move in

This is interesting but following world publication of the event shouldn't it be all written in past tense. As well according to the news article the researchers were led into the "Lost World" by the "the local Kwerba and Papasena people" who are also presumably humans:

"The lost world largely untouched by humans that was recently unearthed on West Papua may be the last such find on Earth, an expedition scientist says.

His comments follow the discovery of a world teeming with new species, giant flowers and rare wildlife showing no fear of humans.

Australian, US and Indonesian scientists, led by Conservation International (CI), say they found the 300,000-hectare paradise in the Foja Mountains of the Indonesian-controlled province during an expedition late last year."

ABC Science Online

What they probably mean by "Humans" is the violent greedy, curious, types who enjoy "discovering" and "developing" for their own selfish ends. The CI story is HERE:

"Such abundance of food and other resources means the mountain range’s interior – more than 300,000 hectares of old growth tropical forest – remains untouched by humans, and the entire Foja forest tract of more than 1 million hectares constitutes the largest essentially pristine tropical forest in Asia and an important region for biodiversity conservation."

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