Friday, December 16, 2005

24 Hour Blog Jam

To kick off the opening of the exhibition southwestNET: techno, on December 17th, 2005 (TOMORROW), artist Rick Silva will be in Scottsdale for a 24 hour, international "blog jam" event called 24 Hour Count. Along with artistic collaborators Mark Amerika (in Sydney, Australia) and Nathaniel Wojtalik (in Boulder, Colorado), Silva will record, mix, interpret and respond to current events using technologies that include the mobile phones, digital video, mini-disk recorders, musical instruments and numerous computer software programs. As the artists record images, sounds and other information, they will send their findings in the form of digital messages and files back and forth to one another, continually mixing sound, images and text, like DJs. Hour by hour their mixes will be uploaded onto a blog, which will document live their intercontinental "jam session."

Visit the website to read more about the project and explore the blog as it transforms!

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