Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer Sun Tunes and Poesy

Strangely I am very occupied at the moment. With what is hard to say. Today I priced baby carriages (baby due 13 September), played blanket and chair house and rocket to "the forest planet" with my son, spent time with my extended family (including my mum who is here from Australia at the moment), remixed two tracks on the new CD I am recording (no one has ever done this sort of stuff with a didgeridoo before!!), declined an invitation to play at Trastock festival 2005, and hunted for the perfect DVD and Mp3 players.
Interesting...mmmm, I forgot to mention the Senagalese birthday party I attended on the way home from dinner at my Kenyan-Indian-Swedish father-in-law's place.
For summer listening I recommend the new podcast on the foxy digitalis site.

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