Monday, June 06, 2005

Words from Haninge

Today I am beginning my third day here at Sodertorn University College in Haninge just on the outskirts of Stockholm. The past two days have been busy with some great lectures, two workshops and many many converstaions with interesting people. Saturday began with the usual welcomes and an outline by Patrik Hernwall who is a PhD researcher and teachers here at Sodertorn who leads some very interesting projects.
Following this came Jay David Bolter with the keynote address "The Aura of Digital Artefacts". This was an interesting critique of the economy of meaning around digital artefacts using Walter Benjamin's concept of Aura. I will post more notes on all the speakers from this conference as soon as I have time.
Yesterday was day 2 of the summer school and the theme was "Digital Story, Performance, Game" and the speaker for the main presentation of the day was Espen Aarseth. This was great as it really clarified so much for me in relation to Game Text and Narrative. I have even had to adjust many of my beliefs following Espen's talk, workshop and the conversations I managed to have with him during the day.
Notes on all this will follow.
Now it is almost 9am and time for more: A lecture by Michael Joyce and a day of "Digital Story, Performance and Game II"

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