Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Just took part in a HUMlab seminar by Mark on Podcasting: the ins and outs, the ups and downs.
It seems to be yet another example of community media in digital form. As Mark outlined in his talk, how long this will last before it too becomes colonized as a mass media form is unclear. Perhaps there will always be a fringe of innovative cultural pioneers/artists and the rumbling behind them of the mass banality. This is how neighborhoods worked when I lived in cool areas of Sydney/Amsterdam/London. First it was the poor who built the cheap houses or worked in the factories, then when the economics changed they moved on and the artists took over the slums created in their wake. Once the area had a good social scene, streetlife and community active feeling then the real estate agents moved in, conducted a marketing campaign, raise the prices and BINGO "gentrification".
A podcast that I have a passing interest in is from Foxy Digitalis Industries, purveyors of fine culture and aural landscapes.
Check it out HERE:

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