Wednesday, September 24, 2003

It is here. I have left behind me the clockwork computer. With speed the pages come fast and without the whirl and gig of driving cogs and shaking fan. The new compter sits black and slick on the table and awaits my informed use (this could take a while to come to).
This week has been busy with two performances by me of an installation piece at the University here which went over really well. The first peformance was part of a conference on Dynamic maps which was attended by a small but brilliant group of speakers. The second performance was a public spectacle and was attended by perhaps 40 or 50 people...quite a surprise. I will begin working on a CD ROM presentation or a DVD perhaps and then get it out somehow, perhaps a new website. Time will see. Now it is back to the mundane world of reading theory and digesting text...not such a bad one to earn a living I supose. Listening to
Yoga: Monroe Institute Transcendent Hemispheric Music (brain entrainment sounds...quite trippy)
Throbbing Gristle: Do as you Think Not as You are Told (a sort of deprogramming sequence for the hardcore)
The Birthday Party: Deep In The Woods (Brecht is not dead!!!)
Will write more soon...........chai om sap ta blah bla bllllllllllll Jim

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