Monday, May 12, 2003

The screen bleeds again.....I have been writing for the last week or two about Stonehenge, New Age and the travellers who populate it...a tour of the strange and the stranger....but it's better than working in a factory. I won't reveal anything here as the grand unveiling of this project happens 4th June in Active Worlds (Free download).
On a lighter note I was yelled at today by a rough looking man who was cycling towards me as I was cycling home this afternoon. He seemed upset that I was riding on the left hand side of the rather crowded cycle and walking path between my abode and university. He stopped and recognised me as a foreigner in the pale blue eyed land of Sweden I think as he reminded me that sweden has had right hand drive since the 1960's and where did I think I was living? I responded by asking him in Swedish if it was his job to ensure the steady flow of traffic through the little woods between Alidhem and the University and he was suprised by my cocky nature in the face of such an obvious piece of blatant non-conforming lunacy on my part (the rebel that I am). He simple replied with "Ohh snalla" or "oh please come on" an apeal to my citizens solidarity perhaps...not something which I have much of not being a citizen (next year I can apply). Meanwhile we are dealing with a strike at daycare and in the employment section of the local authority (no summer job till they come back to work), electricity bills which defy imagination, expensive fruit that is 5 days old by the time you buy it, and a drivers licence costing at least $US100. Not all is that bad (this is turning into a whinge session) as University is free, the air is clean, the summer is here, the women are pretty, future opportunities exist, music is everywhere, I can listen again to Art Ensemble of Chicago, on and on it goes..........till next time

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