Thursday, March 27, 2003

Poets of the Street

There is a group of alcoholics which sit outside our local supermarket centre (not that you could really call it a SUPERmarket) and one of them looks just like David Koresh, the religious minded individual who lead his follows in a FDA standoff in Waco a few years back. Resulted in the barbequeing of something like 80 people.......What is Koresh doing living as a homeless alcoholic in northern Sweden I ask, when he was supposed to have died in the blazing ruins of his tabanacle of love. I have been watching this guy for about a year now and I notice that he speaks swedish with an american accent, he drinks Budweiser and carries a mobile phone and a bible, he often sits alone singing Kum-bia-ah My Lord (someone's crying my lord....) while drinking..........Strange days we live in.
Things for myself have been going much better than they appear for the defrosting drinkers of the supermarket courtyard. Yesterday Bonnie DeVarco spoke at my university and it was an amazing experience as I got to go to dinner with her and others involved with technology, art, and education. It's been a while since I met such an inspiring group with so much knowledge BUT THEN today I attended a seminar on Scots Gaelic literature language and culture and a workshop of creative writing. It was about Haikus and was conducted by Kevin MacNeil, an intense and sharp writer/poet/bard from the Isle of Lewis; a "poet of the outer limits".............It is incredible to think I grew up in small village in the pig farming center of the Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia, my first job was strangling chickens in the local battery egg farm and today I am here doing what I am doing............What will hapen next? Who cares?

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