Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Downstreams (The Solstice Wheel Turning)

William Burroughs doing his shopping, Lawrence Kansas (1995)

Little Walter opens this weeks downstreams. There is a large amount of Walter on the web and I recomend his cosmic harp assults, his use of the harmonica is original and trance-like. I wish the readers of this ongoing archived-confesional-biographical-experiment a happy year's end and best of luck in the next one.

Little Walter at Last FM
Little Walter (born Marion Walter Jacobs) (May 1, 1930 - February 15, 1968) was a blues singer, harmonica player, and guitarist. Jacobs is generally included among blues music greats: his revolutionary harmonica technique has earned comparisons to Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix in its impact: There were great musicians before and after, but Jacobs' virtuosity and musical innovations reached heights of expression never previously imagined, and fundamentally altered many listeners' expectations of what was possible on blues harmonica. Jacobs suffered from alcoholism, and had a notoriously short temper, which led to a decline in his fame and fortunes in the 1960s. He died of injuries sustained in a fight a few months after returning from his second European tour.

Oh Yeah I Love You Baby - Marisa Olson
"Oh Yeah I Love You Baby"(2007) is an album by Marisa Olson based on the most significant lyrics in pop music history.

Only the Sweetest Voice Could Save Me
Motel De Moka brings us a selection of some of the most intersting and best women singing folk psychedlia at the moment. Artists such as Larkin Grimm, Josephine Foster, Mariee Sioux and Sibylle Baier.

Share Miner
Share Miner is a new search engine for finding downloads and torrents on the web. Shareminer takes your keywords and adds special optimized keywords to your search phrase. The result is sent to google and the google result page is shown to you as it is. The web search is the one that returns more pages but it can lead you to very old pages with a lot of broken links. The blog search and the groups search don't target such a big universe as the web search but the pages are shown by chronological order, being the newest ones on the top of the result list. If you are looking for music try the music search as it is simple and efficient.

Vargavinter-Röster Från Alla Land,LP,1980,Sweden
Wonderful folk rock band from Sweden ,well,actually a collectiv featuring Annita Livs and members of Iskra, Spjärnsvallet, Archimedes Badkar,Kofia, amongst others.Combining traditional European folk with eastern influences(seems that eastern music was much "in fashion" in Sweden in the mid/late 70s) and jazzy elements, they create a totally "out there" atmosphere,sometimes experimenting heavily some othermore etheral.

Thanks For The Add! Vol.1
Friendly myspace music headphonica compilation.

Will Self, Psychogeography
The entire archive of Will Self's column in The Independant, Psychogeography. It is related to Self's recent book which was reviewed at Your Guide to Contemporary Literature this week:

Psychogeography: Disentangling the Modern Conundrum of Psyche and Place, a collection of 55 essays culled from British author Will Self's eponymous Independent column, is similarly themed around an intimate acquaintance between Self and his environs. Will Self is a walker and has been since kicking a drug habit more than eight years ago. It is with an addict's commitment that he takes to the activity: Hundred mile treks are commonplace for Self, and he thinks nothing of walking to a meeting that will take him 10 hours to reach on foot.

An Invitation To The Electric Seance
At precisely 20:02 on the 20th February, 2002 (20/02, 2002 in the UK date system), nine people gathered at the banks of the River Thames where it passes the Greenwich Observatory at 00 longitude, the world's Prime Meridian. They were there to perform "a mass for palindromic time," "to celebrate and to devastate, to perform an act of chronological terrorism, strike a blow to the heart of the Great Wyrm time" as one of the participants, Mark Pilkington, described it. If use of the word "terrorism" seems ill-advised it should perhaps be remembered that the Greenwich Observatory was the site of a genuine bomb attack by a French anarchist in 1894, an event which inspired Joseph Conrad's 1907 novel, The Secret Agent.

This article, to which I was alerted to by the brilliant Infocult, contains links to numerous fine sources of sound; Mount Vernon Arts Lab (also Mount Vernon Astral Temple and Black Noise), the Ghost Box family of groups, "Current 93, the late and much-lamented Coil and Cyclobe", Pram (featured in this month's Wire magazine - follow link for Six Organs Of Admittance: video exclusive- which I just purchased this morning), the amazing Raagnagrok which I have featured before on the downstreams and Paul Giovanni.

So Cosmic by Cut Copy
Australians Cut Copy have a new record called In Ghost Colours coming out in April '08, but thanks to Anthem Magazine and Modular Records, we can hear a good portion of it now in the form of this free hour-long mix.
I have not actually listened to this but its from Australia so it must be good :-)

Curator for One Day
Become Curator for One Day in the Video Vortex exhibition.

1. Make a selection of 6 works. Navigate using the search or the lists on the left.
2. Beneath every video preview you will find a pink 'Video Vortex' line.
3. Go to your My Show page and enter email, name and statement.
4. Choose a date in the calendar shown on your My Show page.

Open Bethlehem
Open Bethlehem has gained a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its presentations. View our photo-essays as a slideshow or download to share with people you know. Our friends and supporters have taken our presentations to church and Bible class, viewed them within book groups, and used them to provoke discussions at universities. In the UK, our presentations are used as part of education packs for school students aged 8-12.

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